LATBSDC 2013 Conference

Advances in Structural Design for Seismic Regions

The 2013 LATBSDC conference was a huge success and we thank everyone who attended. We have some of the documents from this year's conference available for download.


An Alternative Procedure For Seismic Evaluation and Strengthening of Tall Reinforced Concrete Buildings Located in the Los Angeles Region by N. Delli Quadri

Efficient Performance Based Design Using Parallel and Cloud Computing by C.E. Ventura and A. Bebamzadeh

NGA-West2 Research Program by Yousef Bozorgnia

City of Los Angeles Peer Review Process by Colin Kumabe

Seismic Performance of Shear Wall Buildings with Gravity-Induced Lateral Demands by Michael Dupuis, Tyler Best, Ken Elwood, and Don Anderson

Issues with the Peer Review Process by Farzad Naeim

Design of a 35 Story Building In Los Angeles Using the LADBS Performance Based Design Methodology

Large-Scale Testing of Steel Reinforced Concrete (SRC) Coupling Beams by Christopher J. Motter, John W. Wallace, Ron Klemencic, John Hooper, and Dave Fields

Structural Mitigation for Seismically Induced Permanent Ground Displacement by Craig D. Comartin

Nonlinear Response-History Analysis for the Design of New Buildings - A Proposed Updated to ASCE7 Chapter 16 by Curt B. Haselton

Seismic Design of Reinforced Concrete Mat Foundations by Ron Klemencic